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1.   Payment for spaces and long term care must be submitted before burials will       be allowed. 2.    No burials are to be done without approval of a cemetery board member. 3.    No monument is to be installed without cemetery supervision. 4.    A concrete liner or vault is required. 5.    All spaces shall have a permanent marker installed within one year of burial. 6.    All markers must conform in size, shape, and quality with surrounding monuments. 7.    All old, windblown, and faded flowers will be removed. 8.    Any soil brought in must be tapered out to prevent water from standing on other graves. 9.    Any soil fill needed, other than on new graves, is done at owner’s expense. 10.  Stone maintenance is the owner’s responsibility. 11.  No rocks, stones, curbs, fences, benches, etc., are allowed around graves. 12.  No glass containers are allowed. They will be removed immediately. 13.  The grave space shall have only a grass ground cover. 14.  No plants or trees shall be planted or memorial fixtures be placed without        the location being approved by the cemetery board. 15.  The Cemetery Assocation reserves the right to regulate anything that is believed        to distract from the general appearance of the cemetery.      The Association appreciates your cooperation in helping us maintain pleasant     surroundings and an attractive cemetery.   
Cemetery Restrictions